Wild Alberta winter adventures
Wild Alberta winter activities

#wildalberta: Get WILD and Share your Adventures

Uncover your adventurous side in Wild Alberta. Whether you’re looking for the outdoor adventure of a lifetime or to hone your skills further, Wild Alberta is able to accommodate it all.

Call of the WILD

Klondike Trail
Whitecourt Golf and Country Club
Skydive in the WILD

Our History

Learn About The Richness of Our Regional History Through Our Podcast Series.

Episode 1.

Podcast Intro

Episode 2.

Bootlegging and the Old Athabasca Trail

Episode 3.

Alberta's Oologist

Episode 4.

Survey of Klondike Trail

Episode 5.

First Protected Historic Resource

Episode 6.

Father Lacombe

Episode 7.

Closing the Klondike Trail

Episode 8.

Origin of the Klondike Trail (Alexander First Nation)