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Hog Wild Specialties

NE 23 57 W of 5 Meridan Mayerthorpe, Alberta

Phone: 1-888-668-9453

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Hog Wild Specialties is owned and operated by Deb and Earl Hagman of Mayerthorpe, Alberta, Canada, with assistance from their children over the years, Jill, Greg & Will. They started raising and marketing European wild boar in February of 1991. They consistently have about 300-700 animals of varying ages on site with access to numerous other farm raised animals from Canada. The animals are raised as naturally as possible with no immunizations or growth hormones. The animals’ diet is supplemented with minerals to ensure healthy animals. They are given products twice a year in their feed to control parasites. In the summer they naturally graze on pasture with access to a limited amount of grain while in the winter they are fed alfalfa hay, grain & silage. The farrowing sows are always fed some grain to ensure an adequate milk supply.

There are four components to the business: a bowhunting/adventure tourism function which takes place in an area established some seven miles from the breeding area; whole animal barbecues done on a stainless steel gas barbecue for private parties, sporting events etc.; the marketing of certified breeding stock and the marketing of fresh and processed meat (government inspected both federally and provincially; mostly done in HACCP approved facilities). Our primary goal is to be known in the wild boar business as having absolutely the highest quality of meat attainable. So far we have achieved that status as we have satisfied customers from around the world both for our hunting expeditions and meat. Not only does wild boar taste great, but its low fat content makes it excellent for the health-conscious consumer. For more information and pricing, please contact the address below. All meat, fresh or processed, is inspected and ready for distribution from a federal plant in Alberta. Canada. With advance notice we welcome visitors year round!

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