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November 8, 2016

4 Hikes in Wild Alberta


Hiking Hard Luck Canyon | Wild Alberta

Whether you’re a beginner hiker who likes to dabble in outdoor adventure or an avid experienced hiker – Wild Alberta has a hiking destination for you. Below we outline 4 favourite destinations in the area so no matter the season or the difficulty level, you can get out and enjoy the wonderful scenery in Wild Alberta.

Hard Luck Canyon

Surrounded by trees upon trees, Hard Luck Canyon (pictured at top) sits nestled in the heart of Woodland County, 20 km south of Whitecourt – smack dab in the middle of the Forest Capital of Canada.

This lustrous hiking trail is located in the bewitching canyon that was carved out by Hard Luck Creek – providing a very unique geological feature. This hike will leave you with the feeling of peace and relaxation. The area is also perfect for beginner to advanced hikers.

Site improvements started in 2009, with the goal of accommodating all hikers through the trail – pedestrian bridges, stairs and benches are located in various areas. Fencing surrounds the top of the canyon to prevent any slipping or falling.

This should definitely be on your bucket list of Alberta hiking trails.

Thunder Lake Provincial Park

Nestled between Whitecourt and Westlock sits this beautiful provincial park named after the booming sounds the ice would make when it would break down. This lush area is home to many activities during the summer with plenty of camping and boating to partake in.

Winter brings even more peace among this beautiful land – perfect for ice fishing. Wander  through the snow covered forest and spend the day being one with the natural beauty surrounding you.

This is also a suitable area for hikers of all abilities, during accessible seasons.

The Klondike Trail

This is your opportunity to step into history while exploring the hiking trails of Northwest Alberta. The Klondike Trail was created in 1898 to give the Klondikers an easier path to claim their gold. The trail is maintained by the Klondike Trail Society, and is most certainly a connection to the past.

This is a very treasured and unique hiking area. Some of the areas are closed to preserve the integrity of the area, so always be mindful of signage and closures.  During the cooler months, this trail may involve snowshoes at some points. This hike is geared towards advanced hikers.

Vega Natural Area

A protected natural area, the Vega Sand Hills is very unique site with dune formations and kilomtres of trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding. Several outfitters operate in the area and trail rides are available.

Located just twelve minutes east of Vega, this area is covered in aspen, jack pine, and balsam poplar trees and spans over 249 acres of land.

This natural area is located across the river from Fort Assiniboine Sand Hills Wildland Provincial Park – meaning you could really make it an adventurous day/weekend, and hike both areas. There is also a Klondike Trail connection, if you have the time and want to make a bigger adventure of it.

There are many things to see while hiking in Wild Alberta. Let this article spark your imagination for an upcoming outdoor adventure and always be sure to prepare yourself for all elements of your travels. If planning a winter hike, always be sure to plan accordingly and check Trail Reports as well as educate yourself on Backcountry and outdoor safety.

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