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December 15, 2016

4 Ways to Embrace Winter in Wild Alberta


Northern Lights in Alberta

For some people, the cooler months mean hibernating indoors until the warmer weather comes. For others, winter is all about bundling up and embarking on an even bigger adventure. If you’re one of the latter people – the north is for you, keep reading! Here are 4 ways to embrace winter in Wild Alberta…

1) Drop a line – ice fishing

Ice Fishing in MD of OpportunityGrab your auger and head out for some of the best ice fishing in the province. While there are plenty of great spots to ice-fish across Wild Alberta, there are some particularly awesome hidden gems in the area’s north.

Pickerel, jackfish, lake trout, perch, whitefish and lingcod can all be found in different spots throughout the MD of Opportunity. Popular lakes include Graham Lake, Peerless Lake, Calling Lake and Rocky Island Lake. If derbies are your thing, the Calling Lake Winter Carnival Fish Derby takes place annually during Family Day Weekend in February.

2) Start the sled up and hit the trails

Wild Alberta is home to the official Snowmobile Capital of Alberta – Whitecourt. This community in Woodlands County isn’t all talk – there’s plenty of evidence to back up their claim. In 2014, Whitecourt was named one of the top 4 snowmobiling destinations in Western Canada by Snoriders magazine. This year, Whitecourt has once again been named a top 4 Western Canada sledding location, thanks to Snoriders’ 2017 SledTown ShowDown competition. Whitecourt is also home to the Whitecourt Trailblazers – one of the largest snowmobiling clubs in Alberta.

The Golden Triangle is widely recognized as one of the best snowmobile trails in the province. It offers sleders deep powder and beautiful scenery from Whitecourt to Swan Hills. Take in the breath-taking beauty of Wild Alberta’s unmatched boreal forests, lakes and the meandering Athabasca riverbed.

Snowmobiling in Whitecourt Up in the MD of Opportunity, you’ll find vast wilderness, quietude and endless outdoor recreation possibilities.It’s the perfect place to plan a snowmobile trip. Chipewyan Lake, Peerless Lake, Calling Lake and Wabasca are all great areas to explore. Snow-drenched cut lines and trails let you discover the northern MD of Opportunity like never before.

3) Aurora gorgeous!

Northern Lights dance over Wild Alberta from November to late March. While visiting, make sure to find time on a crisp, clear night to head into the darkness and look up at the magical display overhead. The further away from light pollution you go, the better the visibility. The MD of Opportunity is one such place where you can enjoy solitude and take in gorgeous Aurora Borealis. It’s truly a northern experience.

4) Take in the Northern culture and wildlife

Culture Activities in MD of OpportunityWhile you’re up here, immerse yourself in the culture and wilderness of the north. Vast boreal forests, rugged landscapes, heart-warming northern friendliness and awe-inspiring wilderness are signatures of Wild Alberta.

Local events like the Mad Trappers Festival in Wabasca showcase some local traditions through competitions of log-sawing, snowshoe racing and target shooting. The Calling Lake Winter Carnival, a 4-day event held each year in February, allows you to see and participate in local cultural activities. If you’re lucky enough to be in the area when the Wabasca Men’s Drum group is performing or doing a drum-making presentation, you’re in for a wonderful experience.

Mad Trappers Festival

Whether you’re here for the ice fishing, sledding, Aurora Borealis or Northern culture – Wild Alberta’s north is a winter-lovers paradise. Embrace the cold and enjoy the breath-taking beauty of Wild Alberta. Start planning your northern adventure today.